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The RASHA™ is the worlds’ most advanced energetic wellness device. Using a combination of scalar energy, plasma, and base-12 frequencies, the RASHA™ is studied to have profound effects on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The RASHA™ is renowned as a game-changing technology by healers, biohackers, celebrities, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs for improving all facets of life.

An undesired physical, mental or emotional state manifests from an unharmonious energetic relationship with one’s internal and external environment. Harmonise this relationship, and the rest will follow. The RASHA™ facilitates this harmonisation process, presenting you with the boundless potential for self-healing, regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

Whether experienced in-person or virtually, RASHA™ is your catalyst to awaken & enhance your inner power. It is the most advanced quantum consciousness device and merges scalar energy with plasma, sound frequency and Base-12 technology.

The RASHA™ opens the door for your DNA and consciousness to communicate & offers an expansive potential for stress relief, heightened physical and cognitive performance, self-healing and regeneration, and awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

Come experience how it feels to be physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically aligned.


Explore RASHA Healing as trusted by Actress and Celebrity Jenny McCarthy



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Explore RASHA Healing as Trusted by NBA All-Star Brian Shaw




Cognitive focus & flow states


deep sleep, Stress Relief, & Relaxation




self-healing, energy flow, & bio-regenesis


geopathic stress & biological toxicity


Cellular Function & Energy


Spiritual connection

What WE Specifically Support

When the body is imbalanced mentally, emotionally or physically we deplete our lifeforce. The RASHA™ offers unique consciousness coherence frequencies that clear, transmute and recode discordant patterns and imbalances within your body’s energetic bio-field.

DNA Activation & Cellular Boost

DNA Activation & Cellular Boost

Specific frequencies repair cellular DNA damage at the source while improving cellular function.

Reduced Stress, Improved Sleep & Relaxation

Reduced Stress, Improved Sleep & Relaxation

Advanced binaural beats synchronise brain waves and assist in transitioning into the parasympathetic state where optimal self-healing is achieved.

Enhanced Mindset & Manifestation

Enhanced Mindset & Manifestation

Materialisation frequencies increase one’s ability to manifest & materialise by mastering this reality from the zero-point.

Focused Memory, Intuition, and COncentration

Focused Memory, Intuition, and COncentration

Specific programs designed to activate and expand one’s direct cognition and optimal brain function. Excellent for increasing one’s ability to retain newly learned information and enhance intuition.

Energetic Alignment

Energetic Alignment

Proprietary frequencies align your body’s energy centres and promote optimal energetic flow. Proper alignment allows the body to optimise physical and energetic health.

Released Emotional Trauma

Released Emotional Trauma

Powerful frequencies designed to allow the body & bio-field to release psycho-emotional trauma imprints. It also assists in the release of parental, generational, & societal traumas, imprints & patterns.


RASHA Praise Explore RASHA Victoria Headshot

Wow. My first distance RASHA™ upgrade was epic. I played my unique Frequency Playlist and, even though I wasn’t physically present with the RASHA™, I felt as though I was transported to the chair to receive the downloads in person. It was a journey of enlightenment and deep healing.

I felt a new coding being written in my cells and deep peace being restored to my heart. I received downloads on how I could better support myself in my business. I shifted the paradigm of my relationship with my mother and I travelled across timelines to heal myself. All in under 1.5 hours!!

I am really looking forward to my next session. This truly feels like a life altering experience. I wish that everyone could experience the quantum shifts of the RASHA™.​

RASHA Praise Explore RASHA Terina 1

After only 2 upgrades I have felt big shifts in my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These upgrades have brought in much needed healing, clarity of mind and spirit and the destruction of some pretty intricate, well-constructed walls! My biggest breakthrough from these upgrades is finally being brave and coming back to me.

Seeing and experiencing who I truly am, who I knew I always was. Breaking through all the programming and deep conditioning has given me multiple mind and heart explosions. I went in big with my intention for the second upgrade, and I got more than I bargained for! I am so overjoyed and grateful! If you’re ready and willing, you will never be disappointed.


In-person one-on-one RASHA™ upgrades are in our custom-made, vibrating, zero-point anti-gravity chair. Our virtual upgrades allow you to find a comfortable and quiet place of your choosing.  During both, you’re invited to lay back & relax with headphones and eye mask on, and that’s it! Each upgrade is a unique experience and when you release expectations anything is possible!
In-person one-on-one RASHA™ upgrades are in our custom-made, vibrating, zero-point anti-gravity chair. Our virtual upgrades allow you to find a comfortable and quiet place of your choosing.  During both, you’re invited to lay back & relax with headphones and eye mask on, and that’s it! Each upgrade is a unique experience and when you release expectations anything is possible!>
You may feel some subtle or major shifts immediately or you may notice them over the next day or so. Following each upgrade, we recommend journaling. Take some notes on what you experienced during your session, adding to it as more awareness comes into your field of knowing. We recommend you maintain your hydration levels, take some time to ground yourself back into your body by spending some time in nature, receive sunlight on your face and ideally swimming in the sea or having a mineral bath if possible. If your upgrade is later in the day, then having some food is a great way to ground yourself.
Setting an Intention is a fundamental part of working with the RASHA™ and is a turnkey component in achieving optimal and self-empowered healing and restoring balance and harmony in our lives. Consciousness requires us to actively engage with it to generate desired outcomes. Our deliberate intention is this engagement. Upon booking, we will send you a comprehensive guide on how to consciously work with intention setting.
Have an eye mask ready, to assist in limiting exterior perceptions. Have some clean, filtered water handy. Your best set of wired headphones. We recommend avoiding the use of wireless headphones due to their signalling between earpieces and the additional static load created by Bluetooth. Also have your Intention.
Yes, you can. The RASHA™ works on the level of consciousness so there are no conditions that preclude you from our upgrade sessions.

When you are well-hydrated, daily upgrades will work wonders. Sometimes, you’ll experience some big shifts and time between upgrades will depend on how fast you integrate these shifts. A space of 2-3 days can work well for some. Be guided by your intuition. To shift major miasms, a maximum of 2 upgrades per day for 6 days is suggested. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Group RASHA™ upgrades are a fun, enjoyable and connected way of amplifying our intentions and outcomes whereas one-on-on sessions allow for a customised and tailored approach for those that prefer a more intimate / private setting when working on something deep and personal. Many choose to experience both. Check our offerings page for upcoming in-person group experiences.

At the deepest level of reality, we are all interconnected through the quantum field, an invisible web that permeates the fabric of the universe. This field, which underlies all physical matter, transcends the limitations of time and space, allowing for instantaneous communication and influence between particles, energy, and consciousness.

The quantum field reveals a profound truth: that the boundaries we perceive as separating us are ultimately illusions. Every thought, emotion, and action ripples through this interconnected matrix, shaping our collective experience. Our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions have the potential to affect not only ourselves but also the world around us.

This interconnectedness suggests that we are not isolated beings, but rather integral parts of a vast cosmic tapestry. The choices we make and the energy we emit reverberate throughout this field, creating a ripple effect that can touch the lives of others and contribute to the greater whole.

The RASHA™, a scalar communication device, opens a portal for us as the experiencer to connect into this cosmic tapestry, transcending time and space & utilising the zero-point for our creative purposes & a clear path to connect into our higher states of consciousness.

We’re on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re unable to experience an in-person RASHA™ upgrade, we frequently offer virtual sessions via Zoom. We also hold group events locally and are available to support your own group sessions. Please contact us for more information on holding an event at your place

Yes, please reach out to us via the contact form.

Yes, within 7 days of purchase and if its prior to your first RASHA™ upgrade.

If you are asking for a refund, please first deeply consider why you don’t want to engage with the RASHA™ and your self work. Sometimes, when we make the decision to improve our lives, our limiting thought patterns & beliefs emerge to hold us back from change, even when that change is bound to benefit us.

If this happens, an opportunity to pull on the thread of limiting core beliefs has presented itself to you on a platter. It’s up to you to move forward or to remain in the status quo.

Please reach out via the contact form.

Yes we do, please reach out via the contact form. We support a gifting economy and if you know someone that the RASHA™ can benefit and would like to gift them an experience, please reach out.


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