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Hong Curley RASHA Testimonial

Hong Curley

Author | Business Success Coach | International Keynote Speaker

I had two RASHA™ sessions with Richard and Cherie and I must say that it has expanded my consciousness like never before. The experience expanded the level of my awareness, and deeply anchored my connection to my higher self. 

During both sessions, I was given the gift of Grace, the foresight, the clarity and the template of my spiritual evolution as a soul. Just one session of RASHA™ felt equivalent to perhaps 10 hours of intense meditation. I set the intention of surrendering to my higher self and allowed it to guide my journey. During the session, I received a massive download of messages from my higher levels of consciousness. 

If you haven’t experienced a RASHA™ session, it is time for you to go! Your soul has been waiting for you for a very long time. Go and say Hello to it and receive the blessings from your higher self and meet the version of your Divine Self. 

I have been practising self-awareness for over 35 years, so I had an instant intense response to the RASHA™ sessions. It was a phenomenal experience. My body vibrated with the amazing harmonic energy waves during the session and the effect lasted for many weeks afterwards. I experienced an instant lift of vitality in every aspect of my being. 

For beginners, you may firstly experience a deep sense of relaxation. Some may experience symptoms of cellular detoxification and radical reduction of emotional stress. 

We are going into a new world of higher energy. Each one of us must prepare to calibrate to a higher level of consciousness during this massive transition. We are collectively assisting in the birth of a new earth, and if your soul is calling you to partake on this sacred duty, then begin your journey with RASHA™. 

You are an energy being. For you to be super healthy, you need to make sure you purify and cleanse your energy field. Many people are walking around with a leaky energy field and damaged aura; these lead to physical sickness like fatigue and inflammation. 

Do whatever it takes to repair these leakages, call and bring back your soul particles to your physical temple. RASHA™ can do that for you. I highly recommend you try it.

When working with energy, you must be careful whom you work with. While you receive energy treatment, you are in a vulnerable state. The energetic integrity of the facilitators handling this quantum bio-regenesis equipment is just as important as the equipment itself if not more important. Richard and Cherie are the guardians of this advanced technology in Australia. They serve with the pure intention, kindness and true integrity and them both to be incredibly nurturing and comforting. I trust them with all my heart. I am forever grateful for their dedicated service to humanity.


I was fortunate enough to experience my first session on the RASHA™ last night. To say this machine is amazing is an understatement. In layman’s terms all I can say is “it has magical powers”.

I went into my session not really knowing what to expect, other than knowing I would benefit from it, and that was all I needed to know.

Instantly my body took to the frequencies, feeling heavy and relaxed. Starting at certain points on my toes I felt slight pressure, then on my knees, moving to my hips, then tingling coursing through my lower body, and then upper body, I felt myself spinning at times and felt like I was floating amongst purple waves with flickers of white lights around me.
Although my body was deep in relaxation, I could feel immense energy flowing through me.

It was almost as though the RASHA™ was telling my soul, and mind “make the most of this session and create the YOU, you dream of right now……it is possible.

Since grounding myself from the RASHA™ session I felt an immediate shift within myself. Goals that would usually seem tedious and somewhat unattainable in the past are now in my future, I look through a clearer lens and a more positive being to accomplish all that I have set for myself with excitement and a passion to better myself.


Two remote sessions have provided me with Life changing experiences and remembrance that I cannot begin to describe or put into words. I have never felt more calm and coherent in my thoughts and actions.

My journeys have helped me clear out the noise in my head, and peel back the layers to help release some deeply ingrained negative beliefs.


I have experienced both in person and remote sessions with the RASHA. There is no difference in the outcomes. My upgrades include self-motivation and laser focus clarity around the tasks and goals set when writing and setting my intentions. Everyday struggles are no longer because I am more empowered.

I feel at peace, relaxed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world!


My sessions with RASHA™ have helped me find clarity around changes and choices I wanted to make in my life. Its has even provided insight into choices I hadn’t considered. Since my last session, it feels like my mind and body are more in sync and I feel more energised to do more / act on the thoughts, ideas and people that cross my mind. RASHA™ has been a surprising tool to reset myself – hinengaro (mind), tinana (body) and wairua (spirit).



Prior to my experience with the RASHA ™, I was a daily substance abuser. I guess you could call it a “functioning” abuser as I still worked 5 days a week. I was trying to escape years of trauma that had been building up inside. I had been self-sabotaging daily since I was 17 years old, I’m now 35.
I got to the point where enough was enough.

Over the years I have sought various methods of healing, and I have talked to no end about my trauma, however this did not help or change my daily self-sabotaging ways! 

I was lucky enough to have a friend in my life who knew my desperation to end my current ways. We got talking one night and she bought this to my attention. The next day I was in “the chair.”

Since then, my life has changed. I am no longer a daily substance abuser after 3 sessions in the chair. The thought to do so has simply left my thought process. Whilst my trauma is still there and that will always be a part of who I am, I have learnt to accept it and I’m no longer trying to escape every day from “me.” People love to spend time with me, so I’m learning to do so to, sober me, the true me.


I am always on the search on how I can expand my consciousness, so I immediately put the RASHA™ to the test.

I have now had well over 15 sessions both in the physical and remotely. My intention for my first session was mind expansion and to deepen my spiritual connection. I was doing a lot of meditation at the time, so I wanted to experience how the RASHA™ amplified and enhanced the experience. I was able to go so much deeper, I was transported to another time and space.

When the session finished, I remember feeling super heightened and peaceful, like was in a higher dimension, I had so much energy and my sleep was deep. I have noticed that every time after I have a RASHA™ upgrade I have the most restorative sleep.  My experiences have been deep and profound.

I have had group upgrades where we have set an intention for collective healing, these are beautiful. Whilst in the session I saw my friends and I in another realm, we were together in a galactic lifetime on a star-craft, clearing timelines.  

This is no joke, the RASHA™ is not just technology IT is consciousness. It facilitates a harmonisation process, and it presents you with the potential for self-healing, regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

I recommend The RASHA™ for everyone and if you have the means to have a session live with Rich on the RASHA™ chair, do not hesitate, do it.

Absolutely incredible, this is the first thing that comes to mind when asked to describe this experience! Such a unique therapy and most definitely had a positive and uplifting effect on my personal reality. I experienced shifts and changes within myself over the following days after the session and it was such a beautiful energy sharing the space with others. Highly recommended!


The space created by Rich and Cherie was warm, welcoming and safe. This was my first experience with the RASHA and it did not disappoint. I was able to drop in fully with an understanding of what to expect, feeling held and supported throughout the journey. The warm homemade dinner and connections that followed was a perfect way to end the evening. I look forward to exploring this more with these two amazing souls!


I had the beautiful pleasure of experiencing Richard & Cherie’s Insension Wisdom Quest supported by the RASHA. It was a powerful transmission of many different frequencies that I could feel shifting & dissolving many deeper layers of the mind, body, emotions & energetic imprints. My body was able to release & let go with ease as the amazing frequencies pulsed through my system, clearing my body mind & heart of many distortions on a cellular level. Richard & Cherie held space beautifully & it was a beautiful experience for me to receive their presence & the amazing frequencies. I highly recommend these beautiful facilitators & their amazing RASHA! Five stars here!


I had 5 intensive sessions with the RASHA™. The sessions themselves were a next level, amazing experience. Each time I grapple to find the words to explain what I had felt. The effects of the RASHA™ were equally amazing. I had new insights into my chronic health issues which have helped significantly, emotionally I feel much more grounded and spiritually I feel expanded

- Kellie