The Journey Inwards

Bio-optimisation and the complete actualisation of one’s human potential are most sustainably and holistically embodied by moving inwards, the exploration into Self.


The Journey Inwards

Personal evolution and the actualisation of one’s full potential is most sustainably and holistically embodied through the movement inwards, the journey into Self.


Giving Back


Giving Back

Your Journey

To reach your highest potential mastering your energy is paramount. Energy diminishes due to limiting emotions, physical or mental imbalances, non-beneficial habits or giving away one’s power. Re-directing your energy to serve you is an inside job.

Insension helps you master this internal journey. RASHA™ upgrades help with the heavy lifting, facilitating consciousness enhancement, cellular restoration, brain optimisation, psychological and emotional release, and more. Insension serves those seeking new modalities to reconnect to their inner truth and upgrade their life experience.

RASHA™ Upgrades

The physical, mental or emotional manifestation of an undesired state is the result of an unharmonious energetic relationship with one’s environment. Harmonise this relationship and the rest will follow. The RASHA™ facilitates this harmonisation process, presenting you with the boundless potential for self-healing, regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

The Insension Path

The Insension Path is a philanthropic not-for-profit that seeks to be of conscious service to humanity.

We are a community service established to joyfully foster and support humanity through the advancement of the sentient rights of humankind.  In alignment with these rights, we promote and support socially sustainable self-sufficiency, spiritual advancement, learning, regeneration and the advancement of healing for humanity and all life on Earth.

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Healing Humanity

Everything is an inside job. All of humanity is interconnected through the unified field so your decision to upgrade your individuated aspect of consciousness and subsequently your life directly contributes to the elevation of the Earth collective.

Giving Back

We utilise all surpluses from our one-on-one and group upgrade sessions to provide RASHA™ upgrades to those in need and who would otherwise be unable to access them due to personal or financial constraints.

Please reach out to discuss how we can support you, your community or someone you know who could benefit from The Insension Path offering.


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