At Insension, our mission is to empower individuals on their transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Through immersive experiences, both in-person and virtually, we catalyse profound shifts in consciousness, fostering personal growth and a purposeful life. 

Guided by energetic medicine and ancient wisdom, we nurture self-discovery, healing, and authenticity. We inspire conscious living, inner balance, and positive change, creating a global community united in pursuit of freedom, vitality, and wholeness.

ABout Insension

Nestled in the beautiful hinterland of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Insension offers a premier destination for energetic medicine, beckoning seekers of holistic well-being from near and far. 

For those in pursuit of radical transformation and self-healing, Insension offers a diverse range of immersive experiences, both in-person and virtually, that resonate with individuals across the globe.

Whether immersing your senses in the serene surrounds of our RASHA in-person offerings or joining our transformative virtual programs from the comfort of your own space, Insension guarantees an extraordinary journey of inner exploration and personal growth. Embark on a profound odyssey, where the boundaries of time and space dissolve, allowing you to tap into the infinite potential of your being and unlock the secrets to a vibrant and harmonious life. 

At Insension, we love witnessing individuals further activate their true potential as they take the path of rich self-discovery and deeper fulfillment.


The RASHA™ is the worlds’ most advanced energetic wellness device. Using a combination of scalar energy, plasma, and base-12 frequencies, the RASHA™ is studied to have profound effects on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The RASHA™ is renowned as a game-changing technology by healers, biohackers, celebrities, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs for improving all facets of life.

Our Founders


Cherie, a university-qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, specialises in longevity and reverse-aging, aiming to enhance both the quality and quantity of our life experiences. With over 25 years of experience in the healing arts, she has explored various natural healing specialties, encompassing modern sciences and traditional, empirical, and energetic approaches to promote self-healing. Cherie harmoniously blends ancient wisdom with contemporary knowledge, drawing from her personal journey in shamanic Taoism and psycho-spiritual counselling, alongside teaching personalised epigenetics, test-based nutrition, and sound frequency techniques.

As a natural connector, Cherie delights in conducting in-person workshops and online classes, creating a collective healing space that is enjoyable, joyful, and meaningful for all participants. She firmly believes that inner exploration and self-cultivation are potent keys to living longer, happier, healthier, and more magical lives.

Working with the RASHA™ is an honour for Cherie, as she finds privilege in guiding others towards better well-being and personal transformation. She perceives life as a well-played game when individuals seek their own truth and wisdom internally.

Richard Johnson

Richard is a gifted and intuitive guide who fervently seeks to awaken the inner power in people. His journey began in the corporate world, where he gained valuable experience before a profound awakening led him to his true purpose in the realm of esoteric healing arts. With a diverse background in quantum healing, breathwork, Reiki, epigenetics, and health coaching, Richard empowers clients to access heightened consciousness, unlocking their inherent power and facilitating self-healing. He is devoted to helping each person he works with tap into their full potential.

Richard’s expertise goes beyond assisting with stress and emotional challenges. He warmly welcomes those seeking personal growth, spiritual development, or improved well-being, guiding them towards a harmonious life. Richard serves as an instrumental guide on the path to true potential and enhanced wellness, offering a transformative experience fuelled by deep intuition, compassion, and extensive knowledge. His passion for the RASHA™ shines through as he skillfully tailors each experience to cater to individuals’ unique needs, igniting the awakening of their inner power and exploration of heightened consciousness.

Richard and Cherie, driven by their shared passion for transformative technologies, seek powerful methods to elevate individuals from mere survival to a state of thriving. During their exploration of the most advanced frequency technologies for a documentary, they discovered the extraordinary RASHA™. After personally experiencing the profound effects of a virtual RASHA™ upgrade session, they have been compelled to share this transformative tool with the world. As members of the Global RASHA™ Guardian group, their commitment lies in serving the highest and greatest good for all. Richard and Cherie are honoured to accompany you on your unique RASHA™ upgrade journey, guiding you as you move towards self-healing and self-mastery.