“Two remote sessions have provided me with Life changing experiences and remembrance that I cannot begin to describe or put into words. I have never felt more calm and coherent in my thoughts and actions. My journeys have helped me clear out the noise in my head, and peel back the layers to help release some deeply ingrained negative beliefs. I really look forward to more journeys to help me to remember, heal and gain more clarity so that I can live my life at my fullest potential.
Stop thinking about it and book in your session(s) now, you will not regret it!”


“Since grounding myself from the RASHA session I felt an immediate shift within myself. Goals that would usually seem tedious and somewhat unattainable in the past are now not in my future, I look through a clearer lens and a more positive being to accomplish all that I have set for myself with excitement and a passion to better myself.”


“I have experienced both in person and remote sessions with the RASHA. There is no difference in the outcomes. My upgrades include self-motivation and laser focus clarity around the tasks and goals set when writing and setting my intentions. Everyday struggles are no longer because I am more empowered.

I feel at peace, relaxed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world!

I always look forward to my monthly upgrade!”


“My sessions with RASHA have helped me find clarity around changes and choices I wanted to make in my life. Its has even provided insight into choices I hadn’t considered. Since my last session, it feels like my mind and body are more in sync and I feel more energised to do more / act on the thoughts, ideas and people that cross my mind. Doing so leaves me feeling a bit more fullfilled and calm about everything else. It almost feels like I can start sorting out my life again after things felt so restricted during the height of the covid pandemic. RASHA has been a surprising tool to re-set myself – hinengaro (mind), tinana (body) and wairua (spirit).”


“I had multiple thoughts, visions and promptings come to me, by way of what needs attention in my own journey of healing. And whilst these ideas were coming to me, the entire journey I felt completely relaxed and so present in my consciousness that I felt my body physically reacting to these supersized frequencies. I was in tune with “self” the whole 75 minutes, it was a buzz.

Always looking forward to another session to see what it brings for me.”


“During both sessions, I was given the gift of Grace, the foresight, the clarity and the template of my spiritual evolution as a soul. I felt that one session of Rasha gave me the equivalence of perhaps 10 hours of intense meditation. I set the intention of surrendering to my higher self and allow it to guide my journey. During the session, I had received massive downloads of messages from higher levels of consciousness.”

Hong CurleyParticipant

“After only 2 upgrades I have felt big shifts in my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These upgrades have brought in much needed healing, clarity of mind and spirit and the destruction of some pretty intricate, well-constructed walls! My biggest breakthrough from these upgrades is finally being brave and coming back to Me.
I feel at peace, relaxed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world!

I always look forward to my monthly upgrade!”


“My life has changed. I am no longer a daily substance abuser after 3 sessions in the chair. The thought to do so has simply left my thought process. Whilst my trauma is still there and that will always be a part of who I am, I have learnt to accept it and I'm no longer trying to escape every day from "me." People love to spend time with me, so I'm learning to do so to, sober me, the true me.”


“I had two RASHA sessions with Richard and Cherie and I must say that it has expanded my consciousness like never before. Not only it has deepened the level of my awareness, but also had deeply anchored my connection to my higher self.I feel at peace, relaxed, invigorated, and ready to take on the world!

I always look forward to my monthly upgrade!”

Hong CurleyParticipant

“I loved my experience. I feel the effects in every area of my life. In terms of my ability to feel the navigation of life with a lot more ease moment to moment. I consistently sleep better, am more focused, have more sustained energy. It isn’t easy to articulate because it is subtle. My closest friends tell me they can see and feel a difference.”


“My first distance RASHA upgrade was epic. I played my unique Frequency Playlist and, even though I wasn’t physically present with the RASHA, I felt as though I was transported to the chair to receive the downloads in person. It was a journey of enlightenment and deep healing.

I felt a new coding being written in my cells and deep peace being restored to my heart. I received downloads on how I could better support myself in my business. I shifted the paradigm of my relationship with my mother and I travelled across timelines to heal myself. All in under 1.5 hours!!”


“Rich you are without a doubt a Master, love you so much and in gratitude for bringing this to us during this time, Penelope and I discussed the incredible healing that is taking place here because of the RASHA and our collective energy.”


“It took me quickly to my favourite place to be. In perfect stillness and deep relaxation.”


“I found the RASHA experience to be transportive and transformative. I could feel myself being activated during a session, and also the accumulative effect of having a few. The effect is subtle and potent and I could feel how my energy interacted on an everyday level was different. My thoughts seemed calmer in general and I sensed myself vibrating at a slightly different level.
During these times I felt it to be a wonderful tool through the field of so many different energies. Every session was different, and I could never guess how it would go, however the more my mind relaxed the more I could feel myself be taken by the experience. Sometimes I would fall asleep, but still come out feeling the subtle shifts. Its out there, and its awesome. Highly recommend.”

Andrea LopezParticipant

“My brain loved it. I genuinely feel more intelligent, more coherent, more focused and present within myself and with others.”


“I felt like a release of tension in my whole body and a feeling of deep surrender.”


“I feel like it’s probably the quickest way I can get relaxed. The RASHA got me there really fast because I would normally get the same results after one hour of meditation, relaxation and yoga.”


“Prior to my experience with The RASHA Foundation, I was a daily substance abuser. I guess you could call it a "functioning" abuser as i still worked 5 days a week. I was trying to escape years of trauma that had been building up inside. I had been self-sabotaging daily since I was 17 years old, I'm now 35. I got to the point where enough was enough. Over the years I have sought various methods of healing, and I have talked to no end about my trauma, however this did not help or change my daily self-sabotaging ways! I was lucky enough to have a friend in my life who knew my desperation to end my current ways. We got talking one night and she bought this to my attention. The next day i was in "the chair." Since then, my life has changed. I am no longer a daily substance abuser after 3 sessions in the chair. I always look forward to my monthly upgrade!”


“Over halfway through my series of twelve RASHA upgrades and can say it’s a unique experience, with a deep state entered into, of not just relaxation, but something else that is hard to describe. I’ve been tracking my sleep (heart rate and heart rate variability) for over two years, and I have noticed improvements in both of these over the last month. A truly unique experience. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to further their health and consciousness”


“I had 6 consecutive RASHA sessions. I originally found the sessions to be quite subtle but then as the sessions continued, I found it to be an accumulative experience. The more sessions I had, the more downloads I received. It’s a very individual experience and I highly recommend it. Richard is very gentle and great to chat with if you want to deconstruct your experience and holds a lovely safe space”


“After about 10 upgrades I embodied deep joy for the first time in my life. Until this moment, I hadn't realised that a shadow had kept me caged, deep within an underlying sadness. I attribute the new version of me to the RASHA. Thank you!”


“I had 5 intensive sessions with the RASHA. The sessions themselves were a next level, amazing experience. Each time I grapple to find the words to explain what I had felt. The effects of the RASHA were equally amazing. I had new insights into my chronic health issues which have helped significantly, emotionally I feel much more grounded and spiritually I feel expanded.”


“Taking part in Insension sessions has been so straightforward and comfortable. It's such a unique experience, and has helped me dive deep into myself and find healing for the past.”


“I felt how the frequencies were communicating to my DNA, giving me a sense of levitation, my mind sharply focused, I was able to stabilise visions that I want to manifest and materialise with clarity.”


“Being able to feel my body in this way brought me to tears.”


“Each RASHA session is like an intimate conversation with my infinite potential self.”


“Continuous use seems to be the key to results. My body is responding really well to it, like a subtle path that leads to a deep result. My skin (Psoriasis) is finally healing! I’m pretty much there. I think the RASHA helped with the deeper reprogramming.”


“I was so relaxed - floating in space.”