Six Sessions

$816.00 60 minutes

A single month of meditation can do wonders for your life. But six months, now we’re fully on the journey! Six regular RASHA™ upgrades will allow you to open into a deeper level of inner awareness, whilst allowing the body to do what it’s designed to do, a return to homeostasis, creating fertile soil for self-healing.

You receive 6 x 60-minute RASHA™ upgrades ($136 per upgrade). This is the perfect opportunity to start or reboot your consciousness coherence and self-healing journey.  Each session is in our zero-point anti-gravity acoustic chair. Brain hemisphere synchronisation and harmonisation of your autonomic nervous system happen within the first few minutes of your RASHA™ upgrade. When exposed to true scalar energy and our eternal life based resonant frequencies, the resulting orderly thought enhances the self-healing and bio-optimisation process.

These upgrade sessions are also available remotely/online.

Bookings for your subsequent RASHA™ upgrades can be made at your first appointment or by contacting us online or on 0426785558.