Personalised Cosmic Trilogy Meditation


Drop into deep meditation with a bespoke frequency set, aligned to your birth chart. We combine the frequencies of Earth and your three ruling planets to create your personalised meditation soundscape.

At the time of birth, your ideal genetic blueprint was overlaid & imprinted in & onto your third-dimensional self. This “self” has been epigenetically altered throughout the course of your life, internal and external environmental inputs altering your birth blueprint. Prior to sleep or during meditation, use your personalised frequencies to assist in the visualisation and re-“membering” of your birth blueprint.

Within 48 hours you will receive via email a download link (as we make each meditation to order).  The file format you receive is mp3. Please ensure to include your email address at checkout.

Caution: For meditation purposes only. Do not use this meditation when your faculties need to be present (e.g. driving etc).  Best used sitting or laying down & using headphones.


You will need:

  • Your date of birth
  • Your time of birth
  • Your Location of birth

We don’t collect this information. Head to  and enter your details to receive your free chart.

In the comments at check out please enter:

  • Sun in _______ (for example Gemini)
  • Moon in______ (for example Aries)
  • Ascendent in_____ (for example Gemini)

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