Online Groups

Price Varies 90 minutes

These tailored group RASHA™ upgrades represent a unique opportunity to bring your community together in an intimate online setting.

At each event, we’ll be sharing an eternal-life energetic protection technique followed by a 60-minute RASHA™ upgrade, tailored to your group’s intention.

Examples include the collective transmutation of ancestral & karmic imprinting, specific and directed healing towards a person or group of people or the alignment and enhancement of your collective energetic fields.

We have run these around the New and Full Moon cycle, popular times to manifest and materialise intentions for the month ahead or to celebrate the culmination & fruition of a cycle, releasing all that no longer serves us.

Please reach out to us to arrange your event via our contact page, email, or phone.

The monetary contribution will differ based on the number of people joining. Minimum 6 and no maximum.