Twelve Sessions

$1,440.00 60 minutes

Six is good and 12 is great! (the RASHA™ is designed using Base-12 mathematics after all!) This is a true investment in your health and wellbeing, stripping back any deeply embedded mental, emotional, physical and energetic blockages and imbalances. To change your outer world, you must first change your inner world. Are you ready for the new YOU?

You receive 12 x 60 min RASHA™ upgrades ($120 per upgrade session). This is the perfect vehicle to dismantle non-serving core beliefs and behaviours (conscious or unconscious) and to journey into deeper layers of consciousness coherence and your self-healing journey.  Each session is in our zero-point anti-gravity acoustic chair. Brain hemisphere synchronisation and harmonisation of your autonomic nervous system happen within the first few minutes of your RASHA™ upgrade. When exposed to true scalar energy and our eternal life based resonant frequencies, the resulting orderly thought enhances the self-healing and bio-optimisation process.

These upgrade sessions are also available remotely.

Bookings for your subsequent RASHA™ upgrades can be made at your first appointment or by contacting us online or on 0426785558.