Group Insension

$120 per person (6-8 people) 2 hours

Each Insension quantum sound circle is an intimate 2-hour RASHA™ upgrade journey with family and/or friends. Each circle is open to a maximum of 8 people only, exclusive by design. Journeying together in the RASHA™ environment allows for both individual and collective setting of intentions, which is great for the transmutation of ancestral & karmic imprinting, specific and directed healing towards a person or group of people or the alignment and enhancement of your collective energetic fields, to name just a few.

Your circle will also receive a heart-warming and awakening ceremonial grade cacao, served at the perfect temperature, guidance on collective intention setting and conscious connection with the life force of breath.

Only one booking is required per circle. Minimum 6 people, however, if booking for less than 8 please reach out to or on 0426785558.