Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during my RASHA™ upgrade?

Each one-on-one upgrade is in our custom-made, vibrating & reclining super comfy chair. You’ll relax back with headphones and eye mask on and that’s it!

Each upgrade is a unique experience so you may as well release any expectations!

We can spend a few minutes at the beginning of your upgrade to construct or solidify your intention.

What happens after my RASHA™ upgrade?

You may feel some subtle or major shifts immediately or you may notice them over the next day or so.

Following each upgrade we recommend journaling. Take some notes on what you experienced during your session, adding to it as more awareness comes into your field of knowing.

We recommend you maintain your hydration levels, take some time to ground yourself back into your body, spend some time in nature, receive sunlight on your face if possible. If your upgrade is later in the day, then having some food is a great way to ground yourself.

Why is having an Intention important and how do I create one?

Setting an Intention is a fundamental part of working with the RASHA™ and is a turnkey component in achieving optimal and self-empowered healing and restoring balance and harmony in our lives.

Consciousness requires us to actively engage with it to generate desired outcomes. Our deliberate intention is this engagement.

Our intention is what we want to manifest. The road to self-mastery thus involves using your intention to re-inform your DNA with how you desire the form and function of your human life to be. It’s all about materialising our manifestation, bringing it into form so it’s more than just a thought.

Our intention is how we move energy throughout our entire form, aligning our incarnate form with our Soul (Dimensions 4-6)/Over-Soul (D7-D9)/Avatar (D10-D12)/Rishi (D13-D15) template, working with our energetic and physical DNA.

Intention Setting Process:

An intention should be something nice and straightforward. Using present tense language, no negative words, & not coming from a place of lack. For example: 

I AM ___ NOW! 

When you voice it, feel the emotions it creates in your body. Is it a “hell yes, I have this, I am this!” or an “I don’t know if that’s me…” 

Ultimately we want to get to the place where we feel excitement, joy, love, gratitude etc., around our intention. These are called high-oscillating frequency emotions. A little trick to tap into one of those high-frequency emotions, if you’re not feeling one when setting your intention, is to recall a time when you were unstoppable, deep in the flow state, super joyous, happy, love pouring out of you and all around and through etc. Grab that memory imprint of the emotion, close your eyes and feel it come alive within you, then speak your intention and breathe that emotion around your body.

Use that feeling to disperse your intention through your entire body (atoms, molecules, cells, organs, systems etc.) and non-physical, energetic body. 

Once you feel and speak it, all there is to do now is surrender. 

Be prepared to receive and let go of how that turns up in your Life.

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring an eye mask if you have one (or we have some excellent ones available to purchase on the day).

Bring some water as well as any crystals or essential oils you’d like imprinted with RASHA™ frequencies.

And your Intention (we can guide you in setting a solid intention on the day).

Also, please arrive hydrated. As a general recommendation, we suggest 125ml every 30 mins during waking hours, as to not flood the system and to allow for maximum cell hydration. Drink the cleanest water available you can access (tap water as a last resort).

If I have a medically diagnosed dis-ease can I still participate in RASHA™ upgrades?

Yes, you can. The RASHA™ works on the level of consciousness so there are no conditions that preclude you from our upgrade sessions.

What health results can I expect from RASHA™ upgrades?

RASHA™ Upgrades can complement any medical or psychological care you may be receiving. We believe that the body has an innate desire to return to homeostasis, a place of complete health, when given the chance. The body is designed to heal itself, often we just need to give it the right environment to do so. Complete relaxation is beneficial to this process and when the body drops into a parasympathetic state, it frees up energy that can be directed to the areas that need it most.

Please note that the RASHA™ or its stewards and delegates do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

RASHA™ upgrades do not take the place of medical care. Please consult a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment.

Do I need to be free of drugs and alcohol to participate in a RASHA™ upgrade?

Recreational drugs and alcohol block the energetic flow of consciousness, open your field to energetic leakages, weaken your energetic boundaries and increases your vulnerability to unwanted non-beneficial energy. It is therefore highly recommended that you do not have any alcohol or drugs in your system, including but not limited to all hallucinogens, marijuana, MDMA etc. This also includes micro-dosing.

If you are on any prescribed pharmaceutical medications please speak with us prior to your first upgrade.

How often can I have RASHA™ upgrades?

Depending on how fast you integrate the shifts we suggest at least 2-3 days between upgrades. However, if you are well hydrated, once per day can work wonders. And to shift major miasms, a maximum of 2 upgrades per day for 6 days is suggested. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Is one RASHA™ upgrade session enough?

Much can shift with one RASHA™ upgrade however for deeper levels of consciousness coherence and to receive deeply embedded changes, a cumulation of RASHA™ experiences is suggested.

How do the group RASHA™ upgrades differ from the one-on-ones?

Our group RASHA™ upgrades differ in that you’ll journey with 6-8 others (friends &/or family). You’ll be laying down on a comfy mattress, each with your own set of headphones. You can set a collective intention for your group as well as your own.
We will also guide you through a Cacao ceremony and conscious engagement with your breath.

Each group upgrade runs for 180 minutes.

How do remote location upgrades work?

Everything in this Universe is Consciousness and therefore interconnected. Using intention, this connection can serve as a method to communicate (transmission of frequencies). Have you ever thought of someone and they called you soon thereafter?

For remote/online RASHA™ upgrades, we utilise a photo and/or hair sample of the Upgrader as our connection anchor. The line of communication is then strengthened with our dual and common intentions.

The Upgrader listens to the frequencies via headphones whilst the RASHA™ transmits the same frequencies concurrently.

Contributing to the Insension Path

We express so much gratitude for any contribution you make to the Insension Path. Your contribution facilitates the extension of our work out into the broader community so we can reach those that truly want to experience RASHA™ upgrades but aren’t financially able to contribute.

Please note, as we are an unincorporated, not-for-profit, community service we are unable to provide tax deduction notices. Any contribution you chose to make is therefore purely from the heart!!

We are happy to receive referrals for anyone that you feel would benefit from RASHA™ upgrades. We do ask that recipients are willing to offer an energetic exchange in the form of a desire for personal evolution and a willingness to do the work.

What is Consciousness?

Quantum morphogenetic field physics and mechanics propose the existence of an unquantifiable, limitless, primary source field of living – perpetual Source Energy, the energy constantly serving as the power behind all manifest creation. This is Consciousness.


1. All things emerge from the original Unified Source Field First Creation Point.

2. All things return to the original Unified Source Field First Creation Point.

3. All things exist within the Unified Source Field.

4. All things are consciousness (energy).

5. Consciousness is the Unified Source Field.

6. Pure Source Consciousness is the foundation of existence.

What is Consciousness Coherence?

Consciousness Coherence is:
(1) the state of being at one with the Source Consciousness Field (the state of the enhanced now moment focus whilst retaining the calm, relaxed, parasympathetic state);
(2) expansion of your consciousness awareness within your physical atomic body; and
(3) adding your higher levels of consciousness identity to your physical atomic body.

Examples of Consciousness Coherence include:
(1) Being in the state of the enhanced now moment focus and retaining the calm, relaxed, parasympathetic state;
(2) Being focused on the expansion and contraction of one’s consciousness – the state of being the ultimate Observer of our minds, our emotions, and the physical body;
(3) The ability to consciously redirect the subconscious shadow body energies (the autonomic energetic distortions that direct non-harmonised thought, emotion and action);
(4) The constant state of cultivating self-love, which stems from recognising the spark of Source Consciousness within us and therefore knowing that we are each a living, breathing embodiment of absolute love;
(5) Constant cultivation of consciousness integrity – how are we living our lives? Are we locked in the Victim-Victimiser software, or do we accept responsibility as the co-creator of our holographic reality; are we aware of our thoughts, words and actions and how they affect others? Do we practice non-harm towards all things?

How does the RASHA™ assist in reaching Consciousness Coherence?

The RASHA™ restarts the natural orientation of the integration and phasing of the oscillatory-vibrational system connected to the physical body, opening the door so the original consciousness identity can get back in and reclaim the body without exerting trauma to the body. As a communication device, the RASHA™ opens access to a potent magnetic scalar field by transmitting Base-12 frequencies through the RASHA’s™ scalar spiral coils, which excites the proprietary custom plasma gas blend.

The RASHA™ starts the Consciousness Coherence process by dropping the left and right hemispheres into a synchronised state: brain coherence. Why is this important? Our brain functions as a receiver, an interface of information originating from the Source Consciousness Field and into our body. It equally transmits information from our body back to Source. Hence, the brain is integral to the Source River flow of Consciousness. Coherence is necessary for a clean flow of energy.

Once in coherence, the brain comes online as a powerful and effective scalar energy generator.

Before hemisphere coherence, the brain is still a scalar energy generator but will be erratic or random. For example, incoherent thoughts, which are scalar energy, are chaotic and erratic (aka the monkey mind). This state implants chaotic, directionless energy into the personal morphogenetic field, resulting in a chaotic and directionless physical holographic reality. However, once in coherence, thoughts and emotions shift to being harmonious. And this is the ideal state to create one’s desired reality: reduced stress, deeply relaxed, reduced or eliminated morphogenetic field distortions.

The RASHA™ delivers the Base-12 eternal-life consciousness coherence frequencies into one’s personal morphogenetic field encryption lattice. This replaces and reprograms outdated, disempowering beliefs with a new self-empowering, self-activating quantum paradigm, optimising the brain’s capacity to become an effective & intentional generator of a harmonised reality.

What is Scalar Energy?

Electrical = Energy expanding; oscillation (fission)

Magnetic = Energy holding; vibration (fusion)

Scalar = Electrical + Magnetic (Conscious Energy) *

(To expand our energy we utilise practices and techniques that raise our oscillation NOT our vibration)

Our thoughts are an example of Scalar energy. Nikola Tesla purported that with the two human cerebral brain halves, we have a scalar interferometer (or generator). Hence, by harmonising the left and right hemispheres of our brain with the RASHA™, our nervous system arrives at a parasympathetic state, which creates the ideal state for consciousness coherence.

*Dr Jere Rivera Dugenio


How is scalar energy the language of our DNA?

The DNA generates a scalar wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Atomic, cellular communication between introns (our potential DNA, incorrectly labelled as “junk” DNA) occurs when one cell transmits information and imprints those instructions onto the receiving intron DNA via the magnetic vector of a scalar wave.
(source: Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl)

What is this Base-12 stuff all about?

Regular Base-12 mathematics is merely an expansion upon the Base-10 finite life mathematics utilised predominantly here on Earth. In this sense, it is represented by 0-10, followed by two letters, commonly A & B representing 11 and 12 and is known as the Duodecimal system. Quite possibly, it’s all smoke and mirrors to distract most people from the true power of Base-12 eternal coding.

Base-12 Eternal code differs from regular Base-12 math because it requires one to shift from a linear (Base-12 math) to a multi- dimensional perspective (represented by energy spheres). We say Base-12 Eternal Code; however, this Base-12 IS the Eternal Code. Diagrammatically, picture 12 spheres in a fractal grid alignment – this is the foundational structure of the Source Consciousness Field and, by default, everything that exists. This is because the eternal fractal grid is the core structure of morphogenetic fields, which are the holographic blueprints of sound, light and scalar energy that serve as the template, the blueprints upon which physical matter manifests. The fractal grid is the primary mathematical geometry that organises units of consciousness. And these individuated units of consciousness are derived from Source Particle units, which are the first particles ever created and are what form morphogenetic scalar grids and fields.

Further, the Base-12 fractal grids, embodied within all things, hold the electromagnetic scalar energy programs and potentiality that structure our 12-strand DNA template.

The origin of the Base-12 Eternal Life Code is the Base-12 Encryption, the first eternal encryption of the Source Consciousness field. That is, before Source created the first unit of consciousness (the original Source Particle), Source created an imprint (a copy) of its energetic signature. This imprint is the Eternal Encryption (“created in the image of God….”).

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, please reach out to us via the contact form.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, within 7 days of purchase and if its prior to your first RASHA™ upgrade.

If you are asking for a refund, please first deeply consider why you don’t want to engage with the RASHA™ and your self work. Sometimes, when we make the decision to improve our lives, our limiting thought patterns & beliefs emerge to hold us back from change, even when that change is bound to benefit us.

If this happens, an opportunity to pull on the thread of limiting core beliefs has presented itself to you on a platter. It’s up to you to move forward or to remain in the status quo.

Please reach out via the contact form.

Where are you located?

We’re on the Sunshine Coast, between Noosa and Maroochydore. If you’re unable to experience an in-person RASHA™ upgrade, we can run remote location sessions. We hold group events here and we can also come to your space. Please contact us for more information on holding an event at your place.

Will this change my life?

Working consciously in unison with the RASHA™ has the potential to upgrade your life in many ways. Whilst its an easy, relaxing process you have to make the decision to initiate this conscious engagement. And we will guide you along the way.