Wisdom Quest

“One session with the RASHA gave me the equivalence of perhaps 10 hours of intense meditation.”

Hong Curley – Author, International Keynote Speaker

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, overwhelmed, confused, anxious, depressed, tired or fed up with the way things are unfolding in your life and on this planet?

No matter how your outer reality looks, your wise self knows how to direct you back to true self-empowerment. Eternal-life wisdom encodes our DNA. Through REMEMBRANCE and ACTIVATION of your eternal-life DNA, you will discover how to reconnect to your internal compass and co-creative powers to call in and materialise a more joyous experience.

Journey with Insension and the RASHA consciousness-based technology to:

  • Remember & reconnect with your innate wisdom
  • Learn to materialise your Soul’s desire and expand your life
  • Reclaim your inner strength and courage
  • Activate your natural DNA repair capacity
  • Ignite, grow and express your inner joy

Wise sages and enlightened beings teach us of the transient and illusionary nature of our world and its happenings – yet as we move through the passage of this time-space matrix, it feels so dense, real, and material. We are all imprinted with life experiences and regular programming to forget our true internal power, our ability to create and shape our reality.

When we correct internal distortions, REMEMBER and embody certain levels of consciousness, and powerfully use our focus, desire, intention and feeling, our frequency expands. We regain the ability to dial into a new level of reality, and our world shifts. We create the choice to tune in to a new reality because the one we’ve been experiencing for years no longer brings us joy. We desire and deserve expansiveness in our lives!

Through our ability to embody new levels of consciousness, our free-will interplay and our power of choice, we get to decide how magical our lives become. To alter the way the external shows up – we don’t need to ASCEND – it is not outside of ourselves – the answers are all within our eternal-life DNA blueprint encoding. Everything is an inside job!

So come, journey inwards and rediscover the path to joyous self-empowered freedom!


Book Here
Book Here

Where: The Chi Hub 54-56, Blackall Terrace, Nambour, QLD

When: June 25, 2022 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Exchange: $144 per person (bookings essential, limited to 8 people only!)

More events will be coming soon! If you would like to stay in the loop, email us at