Journey Inwards

Awaken your power from within, deepen your well-being & connect to your truth with the world's most advanced consciousness enhancing & harmonising technology.

An experience designed to upgrade life

Insension consciousness upgrade sessions are delivered via the RASHA™, the most advanced quantum consciousness device. Merging scalar energy with plasma, sound frequency and Base-12 technology, the RASHA™ opens the door for your DNA and consciousness to communicate. This portal offers an expansive potential for stress relief, heightened physical and cognitive performance, self-healing and regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

The RASHA™ supports

  • Enhanced cognitive focus and flow states (mental and physical), improved physical performance & recovery
  • Stress relief, relaxation, enhanced deep sleep and increased heart rate variability
  • Reduction in muscle and joint pain & general pain release
  • Promotion of self-healing & bio-regenesis
  • Brain hemisphere harmonisation, clearing of the chakras & promotion of energy flow
  • Detoxification from EMFs, geopathic stress & biological toxicity
  • Depression, anxiety, mental & emotional harmonisation
  • Shifting parental, ancestral and karmic patterns & imprints
  • Mind expansion and enhanced extra-sensory perception
  • Deepened spiritual connection


Single Session

A one-time 90 minute RASHA™ upgrade experience. The perfect opportunity for a consciousness reset or to journey with the RASHA™ for the first time. Sessions can be in-person or remote.


Six Sessions

6 x 60 min RASHA™ upgrades, the perfect kickstart to your consciousness coherence & inner reconciliation journey, resetting emotional, mental & physical limitations. In-person or remote.


Twelve Sessions

12 x 60 min upgrades, the perfect vehicle to dismantle non-serving core beliefs and behaviours & to journey into deeper levels of consciousness coherence. Sessions can be in-person or remote.


Shared Session

A 75 minute RASHA™ upgrade experience for two people. Each on your own anti-gravity chair, journey with a friend or family member, sharing the same frequencies.  In-person only.


Online Groups

Tailored RASHA™ group upgrades. Bring your community together for a unique, transformative, online experience. Sessions are remote (via Zoom), numbers unlimited. Contact us for bookings.


Insension Path

Join our community & deepen your journey of inner reconciliation, becoming a harmonious human. Teachings, techniques & self-empowerment. The end game? Happiness from within regardless of the external environment.

Coming Events

Check out our upcoming free and paid in-person and online events! Journey with the RASHA™, activate your DNA, enhance your ability to self-heal and so much more!


Crystal Codes

Custom made selenite discs engraved with eternal-life codes. Multi-purpose (space clearing, restructuring drinks & food, meditation etc). Two sizes to choose from (75mm & 100mm) & two designs. Coming soon!


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