Journey Inwards

Transmute mental, emotional & physical limitations with the world's most advanced consciousness enhancing & harmonising technology.

An experience designed to upgrade life

Insension consciousness upgrade sessions are delivered via the RASHA, the most advanced quantum consciousness device. Merging scalar energy with plasma, sound frequency and Base-12 technology, the RASHA opens the door for your DNA and consciousness to communicate. This portal offers an expansive potential for stress relief, heightened physical and cognitive performance, self-healing and regeneration, awakening and upgrading into higher states of being.

The RASHA supports

  • Enhanced cognitive focus and flow states (mental and physical), improved physical performance & recovery
  • Stress relief, relaxation, enhanced deep sleep and increased heart rate variability
  • Reduction in muscle and joint pain & general pain release
  • Promotion of self-healing & bio-regenesis
  • Brain hemisphere harmonisation, clearing of the chakras & promotion of energy flow
  • Detoxification from EMFs, geopathic stress & biological toxicity
  • Depression, anxiety, mental & emotional harmonisation
  • Shifting parental, ancestral and karmic patterns & imprints
  • Mind expansion and enhanced extra-sensory perception
  • Deepened spiritual connection


Single Session

A one-time 90 minute RASHA upgrade experience. The perfect opportunity for a consciousness reset or to journey with the RASHA for the first time. Sessions can be in-person or remote.


Six Sessions

6 x 60 min RASHA upgrades. The perfect way to kickstart your consciousness coherence journey, resetting emotional, mental & physical limitations. Sessions can be in-person or remote.


Twelve Sessions

12 x 60 min upgrades, the perfect vehicle to dismantle non-serving core beliefs and behaviours & to journey into deeper levels of consciousness coherence. Sessions can be in-person or remote.


Group Insension

A unique 2-hour group RASHA journey shared with friends & family. You’ll also receive Ceremonial Cacao, conscious connection with breath & collective intention setting. Sessions are in-person.


Shared Session

A 90 minute RASHA upgrade experience for two people. Each on your own anti-gravity chair, journey with a friend or family member, sharing the same frequencies.  In-person only.


Online Groups

Tailored RASHA group upgrades. Bring your community together for a unique, transformative, online experience. Sessions are remote, numbers unlimited. Contact us for bookings.


Cosmic Trinity

Your personalised meditation soundscape, uniquely yours, aligned to your birth chart. Meditate to the frequencies of Earth & your ruling planets. Mp3 format. 20 mins.


Coming Events

In-person (2.5 hrs) and online (60 min) events. Journey with the RASHA, activate your DNA, enhance your ability to self-heal and so much more!


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